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Here is a brief guide on How you can Share a Context on WhatsApp ….


1. Click the link given which will lead you here, then click on the CONTINUE button

2. Let me load (won’t take more than 3 – 4 seconds)

3. Type in the Activity Code given in Task Info and click on the NEXT button … (use can use any 4-digit code if no activity code was given)

4. Wait for 3 – 4 seconds for it for process and show you what to do …

5. Then click the SHARE NOW button to open WhatsApp and Share …

6. Tap on the WhatsApp you have more groups in …

7. Begin the scroll and select the groups in your WhatsApp

8. You can only select 5 groups at a time (in my instance I used recent contacts/numbers as an example, you are to Share to Groups mainly not contacts but if the group isn’t enough, select 3x more of contacts to replace it)

9. Tap the Share Icon for it to Share …

10. This is how it will be after you’ve Shared (this is just for 5 groups/contacts you need to do more – it’s either 10 groups or 30 contacts)

11. So go back to your previous browser tab and click on the SHARE NOW button again to continue Sharing …

12. After selecting WhatsApp select more groups/contacts different from the ones you’ve selected before …

13. Click the Share Icon again to Send the same Context to the different groups/contacts

14. The number of Shares here would have increased, keep doing it till you’ve reached the requirement needed …

15. Then do a Screenshot showing the Shares you’ve done and Upload it as Proof, then get paid instantly (LAST STEP)